The Sadnai Maritime Heritage Center is a private collection of maritime related items dating back to when Reuven Sadnai was 13 years old, when on his "Bar-Mitzvah" he received a model of the "Marcab",  a gift from a family friend from Lebanon. The collection grew slowly over Reuven's sailing years as a sailor, as an officer, and as a Captain with the Merchant Marine (ZIM Lines).  Numerous items were added to the collection in March 2005. These included new models built by the collection's curator and model builder, Mr. Alexander Blokhin. Among the models he has built are the R.M.S. “Titanic”, four-mast barque "Magdalene Vinnen", "Endurance", S.S."France", IJN "Yamato", and clipper “Flying Cloud.”

The collection, contains items such as navigational instruments, ship's bells and compasses and many more. It also contains a rich Maritime library of about 1000 books, a vast collection of maritime pictures and paintings that decorate the Heritage Center walls, and a maritime-stamps collection.