Setting up operations in a new country can be a challenging task.

    The experience that Coral has acquired in the past 30 years can assist you setting up
    in Israel from the initial set-up until full operational status.
One of the first challenges
    in Israel is obtaining the relevant permits and approvals and  if necessary,
    establishing a local company. There are also legal and taxation issues that need
    to be addressed. Coral can take you hand in hand to the various ministries and
    authorities, making sure you will get all the necessary permits and licenses.

    Some of the services that Coral can provide include:

  • Establishing a local company.
  • Obtaining Ministry of Defense and Navy operational permits.

  • Obtaining Ministry of Transport operational permits.

  • Obtaining Port Authorities' operational permits.

  • Tax and legal consultancy.

  • Setting up Immigration procedures.

             transport              mod         moew

              Ministry of Transport       Ministry of          Ministry of Energy and

                and Road Safety           Defense              Water Resources

                        moi           ita                iaf

                       Ministry of Interior         Israel Tax Autthority          Israeli Air Force

                        apc             in             hpc
                             Ashdod Port Company            Israel Navy                       Haifa Port